American Rapper Bow Wow rocks Akan “Gye Nyame” T-shirt

Gye Nyame t-shirt

Bow Wow wearing “Gye Nyame T-shirt”

Bow Wow rocks Ghana’s “Gye Nyame” T-shirt.

American rapper and television host, Shad Gregory Moss, better known by his stage name, Bow Wow was seen rocking a T-shirt designed with the traditional Ghanaian symbol, “Gye Nyame.”

Gye Nyame which means “Except God” is one of the most popular and widely used symbols by the Akan people in Ghana.

Bow Wow posted a series of photos on Twitter wearing the black T-shirt designed with white Gye Nyame symbols.

The actor appeared to be heading to Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona for the Super Bowl XLIX when he took the photo. Other stars who were with Bow Wow include Grammy-Award winning singer Usher Raymond and record producer Jermaine Dupri.

In another photo, the television host tweeted how he ran into singer-songwriter and record producer, Pharrell Williams.

“Ran into Pharrell on the way to the plane. My life is unpredictable,” he tweeted.

Bow Wow later sent a ‘shout out’ to Ghanaians adding that “my shirt is more than symbols.”

bow wow -tweet

Bow Wow- Gye Nyame User-Bow Wow- Jermaine Bow Wow

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  1. Shad Moss Emmanuel says:

    see Mr.Moss a lot to talk bout you,Buh I’m speechless inspires me true anything being it respect,mother love ,life,better plans for maself,when lame ass negga hate i know how to live with em and last you make me do it for the ladies haha..
    see,you are from a different planet .you too much inner my life …my biggest wish in life is to see u in person and hug you ,after that if I die I know that I saw u and imma see u inner heaven….. I love u more than anything …God bless you Mr.Moss and ya family.besides Ghana we are proud of you …errbody talking bout u when they see me ….I said to em…Lamborghini Moss is more than a conquerer….he knows that only God knows,except God and only God can why they hatting on him industry snakes……… we love u Bow…
    +233246291636 …and Facebook shad Moss Emmanuel.